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My Dry Prayer Life Became Fruitful

During June, Jenny and I were blessed to spend a week in Louisiana to celebrate her mom's 98th birthday and I attended a 3-day silent retreat with family and friends at Grand Coteau. Then during July, we made a week's pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe and related places in Mexico with Saints Cyril and Methodius. Both events were real blessings!

Then, our daily lives began in earnest as we threw ourselves into our activities at St. Philip and the Diocese. My prayer life started to feel dry and somewhat lifeless. This continued for almost two weeks. My logic kicked in with these ideas:
  1. Only hearts in tune with God receive the gift of prayer.
  2. Our everyday life and our prayer life are one and the same.
  3. The chief prayer difficulties are distraction/dryness caused by a distant heart.
  4. Make no mistake about it, God is always close. The one who has moved is me!
I persisted in my prayer routine but it was still stale. I asked for God's grace to show me how to pray in a more fruitful way.

The Kerygma Course was scheduled to be at St. Philip on July 18 and 19. It looked like more activities and I was feeling burned out. My role was to help set-up the facilities, expose and repose the Blessed Sacrament for Adoration, coordinate the Sunday Mass, and participate in a prayer session. During most of the two day retreat I spent quiet time in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and listened to participant testimonies after each talk/activity. I probably spent 8 hours in silence being a prayer intercessor for the participants and the staff. The time went quickly and I was inspired after the weekend as opposed to tired.

The next day my prayers were vibrant and fruitful. It was like a yard in Corpus Christi after a gentle three inch rain. The grass and flowers were growing again! I had moved closer to God and He did the rest. Wow!

My point is simple: take time to be alone with God in silence. Focus on Jesus, reflect on your conversion journey, seek confession to clean your heart, and make time to pray, asking for God's graces. You will come closer and experience the presence of God. This is true joy!

Article from South Texas Catholic - August  7,  2009 (Deacon Bob Allen)