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...... to participate in a process to experience more of God's peace through a total commitment to Jesus with prayer over scripture. This process is open to all men and women in the Diocese of Corpus Christi and surrounding area sponsored by Our Lady of Corpus Christi Retreat Center.

This is a process for those who have said yes to know Jesus and are seeking to learn deeper prayer and revelations from Sacred Scriptures. It involves the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius and is led by Fr. Dan Estes SOLT, other members of the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity, and is assisted by Deacon Bob Allen.

The experience begins with a Day of Prayer to acquaint pilgrims with the power of silence while understanding the concepts for deep prayer. Then, a weekend retreat at Our Lady of Corpus Christi Retreat Center for men and/or women is offered with a limit of 25 people per retreat. Enjoy a private room and be in silence with God.
Spiritual Exercises - Day of Prayer
St. Andrew
Dec 05, 2015

A Donation is suggested at the end of each retreat; however no one is turned away for lack of ability to pay.
Chapel at Our Lady of Corpus Christi
Overview of the Deep Prayer process
by a South Texas Catholic reporter:

Deep Prayer: Learning to Listen to God
Deep Prayer Articles
Courtesy of South Texas Catholic

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Women: Jul 30 - Aug 2 Sep 10-13 Nov 12-15 Jan 14-17 Mar 10-13 May 12-15
Men: Aug 27-30 Oct 29 - Nov 1 Dec 10-13 Feb 11-14 Apr 07-10 Jun 09-12
If you would like a dedicated weekend retreat for your parish, click parish based for details.

Spiritual Exercises
8 Day Directed

Sep. 19 - 27, 2015
True Devotion
34 Day Process

Jun. 27 - Aug. 15, 2015
Oct. 31 - Dec. 08, 2015
Divine Mercy
Weekend Retreat

Nov. 19-22, 2015
Mar. 31-Apr. 03, 2016
Weekend Retreat

Aug. 07-09, 2015
Oct. 23-25, 2015
Dec. 04-06, 2015
Family Life

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